Giving back by Pushing Forward.


´PUSHING FORWARD´ is our small initiative that aims to contribute to the community we live in by giving longboard lessons to those who couldn´t afford it otherwise or supporting projects that resonate with us.


We are currently working on establishing contacts with local institutions and NGOs that work in different areas. More details soon.




A part of thr profits we make from our camps & lessons will be directed to our ´social credit account´ that is displayed below. It will be always stated what amount exactly from this or that activity goes to ´Pushing Forward´. After we get the money for our work, we take out the amount stated and put it aside.


We will be sharing with you how we spend the money on this page and through posts on social media. If you still didn't get to participate in our camps or lessons but wanna get involved, you can help us with a small donation so we can give longboard classes to more people.

72 EUR




The NGO Save the Children offers an option to give long-term support to a chosen child. At LDN we decided to commit to a monthly donation of 35 EUR to support a girl. Will give more details soon.



With Susana Mathias from Friends&Wheels, we went to give a longboard lesson to 10 teenagers in one of the refugee centers of Lisbon.


+ 150 EUR from our longboard camp


-250 EUR to support Kunfya project



165 EUR from our September longboard camp was donated to the NGO Longboard Women


180 EUR from our women-only longboard camp was donated to the NGO Longboard Women


160 EUR from our October camp was donated to the family of refugees to help them with day-to-day expenses. 

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