New format

November 10 - 17



And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance

I hope you dance

I hope you dance



This beautiful lyric is the motto of our new funky format - longboard x dance camp. This camp isn't about existing gifts or skills but about saying YES to all the groovy moves. Start a day with a yoga session and a breakfast lovemade by our on-site chef; roll on the skate and dance; get your hair wet surfing and savor the bliss of our beautiful corner.

Whatever you level in any activities of the menu is, you will receive a corresponding, personalized guiding so you can progress at your own pace, in harmony, joyfully.


Besides that, who ever says no to prolonging skate and surf season? November in Portugal isn´t August-like hot, but the days are normally pleasantly warm and sunny. A perfect chance to get charged with good energy for the winter ahead!

Our Offer:


7  Nights accommodation

7  Energizing breakfasts

6  Vibrant dinners

1  Full body massage




Dance classes


Longboard lessons


Yoga sessions




Transfers to skate spots

Fruits & water during

longboard sessions

Equipment and insurance

included in all lessons


Photos & video

Dance Classes

Dance can serve many purposes to people around the world but no matter what the motivation, one thing is for sure - “dance knows no boundaries” - bringing people together despite age, race, language or gender differences. It promotes love, improves health, builds confidence and brings joy into the lives of those who practice it.

During this camp, our focus will be on a dance hall - a subculture born in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica in the late 70s that includes such elements as dance, music, language, and fashion and contributes significantly to the everyday lives of the people. 

Dancehall is a liberating, electrifying, and entertaining dance style that takes on a variety of forms. As a result, it has a unique ability to satisfy most interests - from easy fun party dances to awakening one ́s inner goddess; from something more badass to technical combos - and we will be exploring these forms throughout the week alongside all the other elements mentioned above.

Meet your instructor

Nadiah "NfuZion" is Australia’s first and currently only freelance dancer, choreographer, and educator specializing in Dancehall, various other styles from the African diaspora and street styles on the international market.

Nadiah’s career began at home in Australia where she taught weekly classes and conducted regular workshops from 2010 until 2016. However, over 2.5 years ago, she decided to embrace a nomadic lifestyle and constantly travel to learn, share and exchange knowledge around the world. 

To date, Nadiah has shared her electrifying energy and enlightening vision of movement in over 15 countries such as South Africa, Portugal, Germany, Poland, France, Switzerland, Italy, India,

Egypt, Canada, UK, USA, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia and even in the motherland,


Nadiah ́s mission for this camp is to transmit her love for dance to you and give your tools to enjoy it to the fullest, regardless of what your skills or background are.

Some Career Highlights:

  • Juste Debout 2017 Dancehall Champion PARIS

  • SYTYCD Australia Season 4 Top 20

  • Dancehall Queen of Australia 2008

  • BLAZE The Show


  • Kanye West

  • Ce’Cile

  • QUEEN BLOOD - La Villete 2019 PARIS

  • Boom Badda Dan 2017 Finalist KINGSTON

  • Hip Hop District 2018 SAO PAULO

  • Step Ya Game Up 2018 Dancehall Judge NYC

  • and much more

Dance Program

Just a week but what a hell of the week to dive into dancehall with an author program that Nadiah created especially for this camp. Check it out HERE

Who is this dance camp for?

• Those with a keen interest and/or deep passion for dance in general and dance hall in particular

• Those with no dance experience keen on initiating their interest in a safe, nurturing and stimulating atmosphere.

• Those with some dance experience interested in exploring a new style i.e. Dancehall.

• Those with some dancehall experience keen on building upon current knowledge by diving deeper.

• Those who want to improve their freestyle, musicality, performance and technical skills.

• Those who want to move more comfortably in their body, build confidence and learn some groovy moves for the dance floor.

• Those who want to improve their health i.e. coordination, flexibility, stamina.

• Those interested in turning their passion for dance into their profession.

• Those in other creative fields where knowledge basic movement would benefit their craft

A big thank you to Beatriz Ryder for the picture and film-maker Achel Machin for this video.



During the camp, you will be spoiled with vibrant meals cooked by our invited on-site chef. Mostly vegan and sometimes vegetarian plates will be prepared with love while embracing sustainable and seasonal practices. Fresh fruits and vegetables from local markets, nut butter, smoothies, healthy desserts, the world of both familiar and uncommon ingredients - each breakfast and dinner will be a festive feast!

We take into consideration any food allergies and restrictions, just send us a message!

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz (google: Praia de Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras) is a small town overlooking miles-long coast of the Atlantic. Located 50 km to the north of Lisbon, this enchanting corner still remains hidden from a mass tourism. What does this mean? A coffee under 1€. Enough place for your beach towel. Surfing without a crowd of 100 people. A chance to meet a real local person in a natural habitat and listen to the melody of the Portuguese language.

And of course, these views







To book your spot, we require a non-refundable 40% deposit via a bank transfer or PayPal. The resting amount is paid upon arrival in cash. 

360º Surfcamp
Rua Joao Paulo II, n.º 47 - Santa Cruz, Lisbon, Portugal
 39°09'00.5"N 9°21'02.1"W


Longboard Classes

Enjoy 12 hours of guided sessions and unlimited freeride hours dedicated to Longboard Dancing & Freestyle. Basically, you can skate as much as your feet carry you!

Our program is perfect for those who have never stepped on a board and those who already know how to cruise or can do some tricks but would like to step up their game.

In other words, beginners will safely build a solid base that will allow them to progress independently later on, while intermediate longboarders - hack new tricks and upgrade their style & technique.

Meet your instructors

Meet Valeriya Gogunskaya, a Russian longboarder based in Portugal. In 2017, she founded Longboarding Days and Nights - the first longboard dancing & freestyle community in Portugal - to share her passion and encourage more people to try this art-on-wheels.


Valeriya organizes longboard events, runs camps and gives lessons. Thanks to this initiative, over 900 people stepped on the board for the first time.


As a rider, Valeriya prefers dancing to freestyle and has a major weakness for step variations and pirouettes as well as surfy kind of flow. During the camp, her focus will be on building your confidence on a longboard and teaching the basics of lonbgoard dancing.


  • skating since 2015

  • teaching experience since 2017

  • teamrider for Bastl Boards and Paris Trucks Co

A big thank you to Beatriz Ryder for the picture and film-maker Achel Machin for this video.

Dance with Giulia Alfeo, whose unique dancing style is hard to miss. She’s combining techniques from figure skating and dancing to merge them on the longboard to push modern Longboard Dancing to the next level.


For years she has been a part of the national and international skate scene. This year she started to organize weekly skate sessions in her hometown and produce trick tip videos for longboard dancing.


Her goal is to develop a sustainable and long-lasting community. And this includes teaching her knowledge and technique, which you can learn from her during the camp.


  • skating since 2013

  • teaching experience since 2014

  • judging experience at several national and international competitions (SYCLD included)

  • winner of several national and international competitions

  • winner of SYCLD '15, 2nd '16, 3rd '18

  • teamrider for Majutsu Longboards and Paris Trucks

Our House

We will stay at a family-owned Surfcamp 360  reserved just for us. This camp is far more than just a lovely house. It is a place where genuine hospitality and human warmth find their way through every detail.


The house with charming views of the valley boasts a fruit garden, an on-site bar and an open terrace for chillaxing gatherings. There is also a fully-equipped kitchen, where you can cook your own meals.


We are totally in love with this place because here you get an authentic, living a-la-Portuguese feeling without compromising on conveniences, like a hot shower and free Wi-Fi. 


And after running six of our longboard camps here throughout 2018 - 2019, we know for sure what the best hosts are like. 


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