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Welcome to the third season of our Longboard Camp - the unique experience that revolves around longboarding but goes beyond.

It is about people, passion, nature, and food. It is about fun, leaving your comfort zone, support and simple moments of joy. Sometimes we even think that longboarding is just a wonderful excuse to bring us all together.

But hey, we will skate A LOT!

In 2019, we ran fully-booked for 8 weeks and had a waiting list. This year, we open 10 weeks in Portugal and 2 special weeks in Tenerife so more of you can join.

The principle remains the same as always:


All ages.

All levels.

Good vibes only.

This year, we created two different packages to choose from.

Classic Edition is about longboarding, surfing and delicious homemade food with a Portuguese touch. 

Edition Extra is about longboarding, surfing, daily yoga, and a gastronomic experience created by a professional chef.

Camp calendar



Santa Cruz




Achel & Antonine


4 - 11

1 week




all ages


i still can  move my legs

all levels




tons of longboard

14hours of lessons


unlimited free ride





skate blood orange


-quality equipment

abou . achel . antonine . cande . giulia . kate . marijn . ophel . philipp. 

sven . TIM . timur 



12 spots




surf . yoga . trekking








giving back

tons of smiles

what our guests

say about us


Germany / USA

Thank you for organizing such a great experience! Not only did I surpass the skating goals I had set for myself (excellent instructors), but we got to experience a bit of Portugal, ate delicious (and healthy) food all week, got to dance, surf, do yoga and laugh with each other (so much laughter). Signing up for this was definitely outside of my comfort zone but I am so glad I did, I learned so much about myself. 

I came for the skating but I left with a deeper connection to myself and most importantly, I made wonderful new friendships. 

I will definitely be back next year.


Germany / UK

First of all, if you think of going, DO IT!

And here is why: I should start by saying that I had discovered longboarding and longboard-dancing only recently. So, I'm a beginner, but I love it.

After having booked the camp doubts crept up:

- Will I be good enough?

- What will the group be like?

- How good will they be?

- Will my "old" bones hold up to the challenge? ( I'm 45)

- How about the other activities?

Surfing? (Never been drawn to water)

Yoga? (probably a good idea)

However, the moment I met everyone all my worries were blown away. Every single person was lovely, supportive and in the same position as me.

12 different characters in different situations of life with a burning passion in common: to love the unexpected and to try something spectacular.

The lessons were amazing, Valeriya and Achel, two superstars in this sport are also great teachers and practicing on the best equipment made it extra fun. Our group ranged from "Never been on board" to "can dance with elegance", me - somewhere in between, but really, it didn't matter.


The learning curve was so steep:

Cross step? Yeah, session one.

Peter Pan? Still session one..and on it went. Such fun!

Diogo, one of the surf coaches, told me at the beginning how he can tell with the first surf session if you keep going or never try again. I must say that stung after

I simply fell off the board all afternoon. So, for the 2nd session, I was tempted to chicken out, but I had something to prove, right? What a feeling to actually catch a few waves. (Diogo, I wouldn't have known without you!)

With so much exercise, getting up early for a yoga session before breakfast was the best way to start the day. Miguel adjusted every session to our needs perfectly.

The longboard lessons were, of course, the core of the camp and while I got more exhausted throughout the week, I got more stoked too and whenever one of us needed some encouragement or finished a new move everyone showed their support.

My personal moment: Trying, falling and failing for hours and finally landing a pirouette is such an amazing experience, it doesn't get any better...or actually, it does: Doing it among new-found friends, that's unchartered territory.


All this - longboarding, surfing, yoga - combined with Rita's healthy, nutritious food, a massage, Val's warm welcome, Achel's sense of humor, the rest of the crew and new friends on the way, made this week a real retreat.

Sounds a bit cheesy? Might be, but one thing is for sure: I'll be back next year.

Can't wait!


Phillipines / Germany

An extract from the blog post that Shawn wrote about his experience:

One week ago I got back to Leipzig after what was easily one of the best trips I’ve experienced in my life thus far — A camp specifically geared towards longboarding. To me that says quite a bit, as I’ve been around this world of ours, seen a lot of things, done a lot of things (some things questionable lol), I’ve met a ton of people, and I’ve learned so much about different activities, cultures, and customs.


Brazil / Ireland

An extract from the blog post that Isabella wrote about her experience:

I intend to join again next year, which goes to show how much I recommend this camp. In terms of longboard skills, I really do feel that I’ve taken mine to the next level. I was asked on the first night how long I’d been longboarding and my answer was 5 years; looking back now, I feel I’ve learned and improved more in that one week than in all of these years. Big thanks again to our wonderful longboard and surf instructors, our hosts at Surfcamp, and of course, to Valeriya for making all of this possible.


Morocco / France

I didn’t really know what to expect when I registered for my first longboard camp in May of 2019. It ended up being the best thing I’ve done in the year! The camp featured two talented, patient and thoughtful longboard teachers and a bunch of motivated folks of all levels who made learning new tricks so fun I didn’t want to stop even after hours of practice! The surf sessions are pure bliss as well as I got to experience the best spots in Portugal with the kindest surf teachers I have ever met. But the camp is not just about longboarding or surfing. Valeriya managed to make of the event an incredible burst of positive energy, love and warmth. The camp is a place where lifelong friends and memories are made. I truly felt at home, and the only thing I could think about when leaving was when I could come back again

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